Sanderling Healthcare Photo Gallery


Front Entrance – Cutting Edge, Attractive Design

Every Patient Room has a Private Bath with ADA Compliant Roll-In Shower and Corian Sink.

Operating Room – Surgical Equipment, LCD Screens, Power, Gas – All Suspended from Ceiling

OR Scrub Area – Deck-Mounted Mixing Valve, IR-Knee Kick Activated Sinks, Monolithic Epoxy Floors

Patient Corridors are Almost 10 ft Wide – Brightly Lit

Post-Operative Recovery Area

Pre-Operative Care Area

Radiology Fluoroscopy Room – Spacious and Equipped for Digital X-Ray

Registration Desk

Spacious Patient Rooms, with State of the Art Monitors, Headwalls, and Hand Wash Sinks

Waiting Area – In Direct View of the Reception Area, and Equipped with a Flat Screen TV, Coffee Maker

Wide, Bright Hallways

Ceiling Fixtures and Wall Sconces Provide Bright, Cheerful Patient Corridors

CT Scan Room – Large Enough for Image Guided Procedures

Digital Mammography Room

Emergency Department – Nursing Station Has Direct View Into Exam-Observation Rooms

Typical Corridor – Attractively Designed, High Quality Finish & Fixtures

Operating Room – Equipped With Ceiling Mounted Pendants For Efficient Delivery Of Anesthesia, Electrical Power, And Moveable Equipment. State Of The Art Operating Room Lights And Pendant Mounted LCD Screens Provide Unparalleled Exposure Of The Surgical Field And Use Of Endoscopic Devices

Typical Patient Room – Over 300 sq. ft. Divided Into Three Zones: The Family Zone, The Patient Zone, And The Nursing Zone. Designed To Allow Family Members To Stay Overnight With The Patient, And Still Allow The Nursing Staff Enough Dedicated Space To Move Around and Take Care Of The Patient Efficiently.

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