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Revolutionizing Hospital Planning, Design & Construction

Our Revolutionary Approach Forms the Foundation for our Key Strategic Advantages:

Revolutionary Planning & Design
Utilizing our proprietary RapidHospitalDesign™ methodology, Sanderling staff works with the client to finalize the programming needs of the proposed hospital, and within 30 days thereafter creates customized, construction-ready plans that meet all national and local building code requirements. Sanderling then obtains all necessary permits (state and local) required to construct the new hospital or healthcare facility. In a typical new or replacement hospital project, this process will take up to two years. With Sanderling, the planning and design can be done in as little as 60 days. Sanderling designs its facilities to meet all applicable standards, including AIA, NFPA and ASHRE guidelines, and works with all necessary governmental agencies to seek rapid approval to begin construction.

For hospital expansion projects, Sanderling has already prepared beautiful and functional designs for a new Emergency Room Suite, OR Suite, Imaging Suite, Patient Room Wing, and other functional areas that are finished and construction-ready.

For Dialysis Clinics, Sanderling management has been involved in the development, operation, and management of over 250 dialysis clinics, and leverages this cumulative expertise into its efficient designs and fabrication. We have designs for clinics of all sizes ready for immediate fabrication.

Revolutionary Payment Plan
Aside from modest initial design fees, no additional payment is due from our hospital clients until we are ready to proceed with fabrication and obtain all required permits. The first fabrication payment is only due when we are actually ready to begin on the new hospital facility or addition.

Revolutionary Construction System
PrecisionHospitalBuild™ is our proprietary construction system that translates the approved plans into pre-engineered building sections, in which the complex plumbing, mechanical, electrical, medical gas, nurse call, and staff-locator systems, together with included medical equipment such as operating room and radiology equipment, are installed at our factory as part of the pre-engineered sections. The sections are then assembled on the hospital site. Section construction typically takes 28 weeks, and site assembly takes 30 days..

Sanderling typically constructs and delivers a fully functional hospital in less than nine months from the date of permit approvals.

And a new ER, Operating Room Suite, Patient Room Wing, or Dialysis Clinic can be constructed and fully functional in as little as three months.

Revolutionary Price Guarantee

"What will our new Facility actually cost?” is perhaps the most persistent and difficult question facing any community looking to replace their aging facility, or looking to build a new hospital from scratch. Everyone knows that when you build anything there will be cost over-runs and time delays because “that is just the way it is.” Not so with Sanderling’s Guaranteed Fixed-Price Contracts.

Prior to signing any agreement with a client, Sanderling will provide a detailed price quote, which includes construction and delivery of the complete facility, including all fixed equipment specified in the scope of work jointly developed by the client and Sanderling. The final fixed-price will then be settled through negotiations. Once signed, there will never be any cost over-runs. Not once signed, and not once construction has begun.

Simply put, The Price is the Price.

Let the hospital revolution begin in your community today!

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